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A common question which deserves the attention of customers. The same rules are valid as for any other replacement: the standards, skills and knowledge and life, the product's life, as well as the frequency and usage.

When we are replacing another type of goods: footwear, clothes, equipment, furniture, car, house, and apartment? Of course, it's worth more; it is time for substitution increases. Use the same logic and for replace of the mattress. If we add the specifics of this product, it should be in the first priority for replacement.

So what are the specifics:

- We spend a third of our lives on the mattress (some say the most beautiful one-third), - we make love on it, - we relax and rest on it, - we are preparing for the day, - on it we read, write, imagine ...

Recognizing all this, we should add that the measurements were performed on mattress after 5 years of usage and that in some cases it had even 5 kg more in weight, by absorption of sweat and dust, mites, etc. development.


The mattress is the same as foot worn shoes, may be "comfortable" long, but does not provide adequate support to the spine. So we must often visit showrooms to compare mattresses and new mattresses and materials with those that we use.

- So a mattress should be replaced if lost functional features, if is dented in the middle, deformed, if the springs or screen cracked, causing you get up more tired than you went to bed.

- The mattress should be changed as we have seen for hygienic reasons, dirt, sweat and moisture absorption and development of mites.

- The mattress should be changed if we took a cheap interim solution, and then it is left as a lasting solution.

- The mattress should be changed because there is appeared a new sophisticated materials and so on.


The mattress should be changed at least every 5 years from hygienic reasons!

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