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Sleep normally runs in five stages (stages 1, 2, 3, 4 and REM stage). At this stage of normal sleep following each other, and together constitute a single cycle which, with diverse with duration of individual stages, repeated 3 to 5 times a night.

Phase 1 is called. light phase of sleep that characterize high-amplitude brain waves, which periodically interrupt alpha waves. In this phase alternating waking and sleep, reduced muscle activity and slows the movement of the eyeballs. Some people may appear a sense of falling, which causes sudden muscle jerks.

In Phase 2, which are characteristic of theta brain waves, slow heart rate, lowers the body temperature and soothe the eye. In Phase 3 the delta brain waves appear, sometimes interrupted by gusts of something faster waves. These bumps in the stage 4 completely disappear. Stages 3 and 4 are together referred to as the phase of deep sleep. At this stage, there are no eye movement and no muscle activity. A person in deep sleep is very difficult to wake. If this happens, it is a rule for a few minutes quite disoriented and dazed.

After the appearance of deep sleep comes stage REM, phase 5. In this phase, brain waves transmitted by the same as in the waking state, which is why at this stage of sleep known as sleep paradoxically. REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement, which is one of the main or most prominent characteristic of this phase of sleep. In addition, there is also an increase in heart rate, raise blood pressure, rapid, irregular and shallow breathing, muscle paralysis temporary total, the inability to regulate body temperature to erections in men and women to increase clitoris. In the phase of REM we are dreaming.

When an adult gets in Phase 2, which represents approximately 50% of the total length of sleep, REM stage of 15 to 20%, while the rest of the time occupied by phase 1, 3 and 4. At night, the length of the individual phases of REM increases at the expense of other phases, and lasts from 5 to 30 minutes. Infants approximately half the time sleep in the REM phase, and premature babies up to 80%. Phases 3, 4 and REM are homeostaticly regulated, meaning that make up shortages at the expense of phase 1 and 2. From this, the experts concluded that the phase of deep sleep and REM sleep is essential for the entire process of sleep and its functions.

Three key factors ensure a peaceful sleep in the bedroom - silence, darkness, and the corresponding temperature.
Fan noise, on radio or television, or any, even very minor, such noise disturbs sleep. It helps set the radios to the FM, between two stations. This will eliminate other noise.

Light beams of light or just disturb sleep. It is advisable to darken the room. If not, can help mask for sleeping.

The ideal temperature in the bedroom is 16-18 ° C. In the overheated room or too many blankets, sleep will be outraged.


The most common interference with sleep and for two solutions:
- Partner kicking in his sleep and wakes you need a bigger mattress. An ideal mattress for one person is 30 cm wider than the width of a person in the shoulder.
- Partner is hot, and cold to you the ideal temperature in the bedroom is 16-18 ° C. They can help different mattresses, who keeps us warm or cool, as well as separate covers of varying thickness and composition.
- Partner's snoring wakes you up snoring can be a serious health problem, so consult with a physician. If it is a milder form, may help the anti-snoring dressings, sprays, pillows that prevent snoring. Before you decide to sleep in separate bedrooms, try ear plugs.
- Partner turns over and perhaps the reason that a mattress is not comfortable enough.
- Partner wants to make you fall asleep, and you need a space to accept a compromise: rather than fall asleep, and laid it side by side, and then fall asleep all on his side.
- Your sleep schedule does not match if your partner falls asleep before you, and you can not get, read the small lamp so that light does not bother the partner. If you wake up before the partner, being careful not to light up the room and not create noise, while partner sleeps.
- Bedroom is more like an office, but the room where you are sleeping. The bedroom is intended solely for sleeping and lovemaking. Televisions, computers and working papers do not belong in the bedroom. Create a relaxed and romantic atmosphere.

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