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Buying Tips

GOLEGO Studio - the place where is known a lot about good and healthy sleep, a place where it is possible to get good sleep products and expert advice for sleep problems, sleep, rest and its impact on health.

When purchasing a mattress, the most important is to try a mattress that will meet your criteria of comfort. The right mattress for a good sleep is one that meets your personal needs for comfort and support. Regardless of whether you choose a mattress with springs, polyurethane foam (sponge), latex, water or air bed, always measure comfort, support, durability and size of the mattress.

COMFORT - Today, the best "stepped" mattresses consist of several layers, arranged on each other and provide more comfort. Thanks to an extremely luxurious materials and soft, especially the processed fabrics, mattress is more comfortable to the touch.

SUPPORT - A good mattress provides gentle support to the body at all points and keep the spine in the corrected position militarily. Pay particular attention to the most difficult parts of the body: shoulders, hips and sacrum.

DURABILITY - The quality of the materials that make up the mattress, depending on how long the mattress will provide support and comfort.

SIZE - A healthy man during the night shift from 40 to 60 times, so it requires space for turning. Make sure your mattress provides enough space to rotate freely. When you buy a mattress with a partner, try it at the same time. Both lay on your back, place a hand under his head with outstretched elbows. Elbows should not be touched. Do not forget the length of the mattress! The mattress should be longer than 10-15 cm of height.

Comfort is an individual feeling, so should always try out a mattress. Regardless of the hardness of the mattress, we distinguish between three distinct feeling of lying.

- The mattress that is soft to the touch, and sinks in that we feel like sleeping on a cloud.
- The mattress that adapts to the body, but it does not sink, as if lying on the fine sand.
- The mattress that is a hard compact surface, as if in the park lay on the grass.

Extremely important is the hygiene of the mattress. Most antibacterial mattress is protected, while others have mattresses and upholstery to be laundered.

In order to secure a quality home, it is necessary to take care of several conditions:

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