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Dr. Ciril Kastelic, famous Slovenian inventor and innovator, a longtime member of the company pur-flame, a renowned expert in polyurethane foam, and certainly one of the greatest connoisseurs of the same in the Balkans.

Speaking about trends in the world of polyurethanes, the increasing application of HR and memory foam, PhD Kastelic says that one idea leads to new ideas, but it takes time to put an idea  into practice. "Oonly products that are innovative and commercially attractive bring to the company development and a profit," said PhD Kastelic.

"Viscoelastic foam - HR and viscoelastic foam - VE new types of foam, which in the past five years experienced a great application.

Memory foam or viscoelastic (VE) foams

Viscoelastic foam - memory foam started using application in the program for NASA mattress or seat astronauts because only the memory foam allowed equal distribution of pressure on the human body, starting at the time racketeering, the maximum body surface. This has eliminated any large load on certain parts of the body and the astronaut equaly placement on the body.

The use of memory foam is then used in various branches of medicine and industry, where one of the largest application in the manufacture of mattresses, and then in the production of airbags. Mattresses are the second largest area of ​​use of soft foam, mostly foam block. In the last five years of use in the manufacture of mattresses has grown rapidly, so that today it's already at the level of use in furniture. With the development of VE foam that are not "fashion fly" as it seemed at first, became a material with unique properties for maximum comfort and healthy at the expense of lying distribution on the human body. This distribution is visible from the attached pictures. In the picture you can see the difference in distribution between the standard pressure mattresses and mattress from VE-made foam. A person weighing 90 kg was lying on his back. Blue represents the area in case of VE mattress larger area, which means that the high pressure part of the standard mattress redistributed over a larger area of ​​the body.

This can be easily shown from the lower three-dimensional diagram, from which it is clear that there are no high peaks that represent high specific pressures on the body of VE (TEMPUR MED) of the mattress.

HR foam (high resiliance) or viscoelastic foam

HR foam, or as they are called here - COLD FOAM, a relatively new type of foam that is characterized by high elasticity as a result of the chemical structure of the polyol component. The main characteristic of all types of soft foam is elastic. Elasticity of foam can be higher or lower, depending on several factors, most of the structure of polyol component. There are some applications where foam is soft and durable elasticity of primary importance. This kind of application is in the furniture, mattresses and seats in the automotive industry. Today, the mattress used in the production of three types of foam:

- From natural latex foam - foam from synthetic latex - polyurethane foam that is matched to the properties of latex foams so called Latex-like Foam

Latex-like foam is classified in order of HR foam with some extra features that mimic the real latex.

With an overview of market development for all types of polyurethane and soft foam blocks, in particular I wanted to show that the polyurethane foam and a soft block on the basis of polyurethane, is still increasing spending and optimism that we can work on their development and application.

Viscoelastic (HR) foam product of the future, due to their excellent physical properties. Especially important is their use in making mattresses, which are combined with viscoelastic foam ireplacable. Viscoelastic (VE) foams are becoming an indispensable material in many applications, especially in mattresses and pillows. Biomedical proven benefits such as mattresses and pillows, and is expected in the coming years an even greater increase in applications.

PhD Vladislav Vesović Potic, director of the Institute of Physical Medicine, Clinical Center of Serbia, Institute for Rehabilitation, a professor at the faculty, president and member of the Section of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, discusses the importance of healthy sleep for our health, growth and development.

A good sleep and a comfortable bed - a requirement for a successful day
Every night a healthy and relaxing sleep means to us every morning a pleasant start to the day. Sleep is essential for healthy and relaxed feeling.

Sleep (med.) - a state of reduced observations, feelings and reactions to external stimulation, which is a physiological, reversible and recurrent. People spends one third of their life sleeping. It is necessary to us for rest, nourishment and regeneration of brain cells that allow us to thinking, learning, memory and which are the foundation of all mental functions.

Sleep, it is necessary for many processes such as:

- Growth and development - keeping and increasing enegry and thermoregulation - adaptation of an organism to adverse weather conditions or night.

The crucial role of sleep is the recovery of our nerve cells and memory consolidation. The length and structure of  healthy sleep in individuals depends on age:

- Baby - multi-phase, about 20h, 4-10 years kids - closer to adults, adults - once at night 7-8h,  older persons - 4-6h

The cycle of sleep - wakefulness is repeated in 24-hour rhythm and is consistent with the light-dark cycle. This rhythm affects other organ systems conforming delicate work of fine machine called the "body" and maintaining its homeostasis (internal equilibrium condition)

Proper sleep in a comfortable bed is important for the well-being and functioning of all organs and systems in the body:

- Hormone - thermoregulation - behavior - cardiac - pulmonary - renal - gastrointestinal function

Quality of sleep is great importance not only for health but also for productive work during the day. Lack of sleep is one of the causes of stress. Lack of sleep or poor quality sleep caused by uncomfortable beds, ie. disadvantage in a bed that is caused by poor quality mattress. All this adversely affects the growth of children, work ability, thinking, concentration, memory and mood.

The most common result of improper position during sleep is abnormal position of the spine, which leads to:

- Fatigue, - headaches - pain in the area or the cross - pain in the neck, ...

Pain in the neck and back pain, mood and impaired concentration which affects the efficiency in the performance of duties, may occur in completely healthy and young people as a result of poor sleep, but also for those who are already treated for problems related to changes in the spinal cord ( spondylosis, discopathy, discus hernia). According to statistics, these diseases are in first place in the working population.

Sleep, which is a requirement comfortable beds and good quality mattress has a significant place in the prevention and treatment of both healthy and patients with various injuries and illnesses. This is indicated by numerous studies in major medical centers in which they conducted research on the necessity of making quality beds with mattresses adequate.

A comfortable mattress for sleeping has invaluable significance and difficult to treat patients in hospitals because it allows them to sleep, rest and relieve pain in injured and sick.

When we are tired, sad, mood, sleep, relaxation and rest provides a comfortable and warm mattress.
At a time when we are facing a very big mental or physical effort and healthiest we need a good night's sleep, which provides a comfortable mattress.
When we are old, sick and exhausted, that we were capable of and activities of daily living minimialne life need the peace of mind, that is when we need comfortable mattress.
When you are seriously ill or injured, the invaluable peace of mind and relaxation, where a comfortable bed and a mattress next to medical therapy is one of the important places. ... AND FOR THE KIDS
To our offspring was healthy, that children were happy and smiling, to rapidly grow and prosper, to reduce the number of spinal deformity, in order to be in the mood, focused on the job, we needed a quiet, both physically and sufficiently long dream, for which condition is the proper physiological position in bed

Which mattress to choose? Mattress is not easy to find because it must meet the requirements that are not simple at all, and that is to be flexible, comfortable, it allows physiologic position of the spine, to be composed of natural material, no allergic manifestations, and of course, be warm.
So, for good and successful day at work, for pleasure during the day and the absence of pain, relaxation and stress relief we needed a good mattress for sleep and good sleep.

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