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"The experience I gained in the previous management job opportunities and recognition the chance for placement products of a higher quality level, and the fact that the domestic market offer a colorful mattresses, in terms of assortment and offer technologically innovative products were the starting points of interest in finding a common approach to Slovenian company MEBLO-JOGI Ltd. and the Italian company OVATTIFICIO FORTUNATO in Serbia. Our goal is to work with the best and for the best.

GOLEGO is a dynamic and innovative company, and as we announced in our foundation and in our mission and vision, GOLEGO, among other things, characterized by a highly-innovative products, which relax the body and mind. Actually, we promised our customers that we will follow and implement all the world's knowledge in the field of healthy sleep. As a result of our persistent and comprehensive research cycle, we have produced, to the delight of consumers, high-end systems for sleep. We have four types of patented core: MASTER, MAESTRO, AND MYSTERY, MYSTERY II.

GOLEGO STUDIO is the first in a series of companies GOLEGO Group, which will monitor, study, innovate and apply all the knowledge in the world of healthy sleep, with the sole desire to help people in prevention and selection of the best ways to sleep that relaxes and rests. The market of Southeast Europe and beyond is the goal. We begin with a study of sleep in Belgrade, for now two, and then ... The ultimate goal is the production of mattresses and pillows somewhere in Serbia, where it will supply the entire region. Then, hydropower, beds, flexible substrates, with major news. In our study, which is unique in that it in a specially arranged, relaxation corner, with the recommendation of our expert consultants, you can try out the mattress and feel "to the extent". Also, you can find all sleeping, bedding and accessories for a variety of enjoyable dream - aromatherapy program.

We have a lot to do with culture, and to sleep from birth or even before. Education and changes should be applied starting from the standards for construction.

We have the knowledge of sleep and the hustle and determination to make even one small step for the better. Domestic consumer recognizes and wants quality. Of course, we are aware of the situation that should bridge the gap between the needs and opportunities. If you realize that most of home furniture and mattress pad, sleeping with the knowledge that we can offer you, then it is a huge gap between needs and possibilities of small, and for most - almost all men within reach.

GOLEGO Ltd. has a long-term commitment to offer our consumers the best of world experience, under conditions that are consistent with its purchasing power. STUDIO GOLEGO through a series of activities, education, public lectures, debates and discussions, work on promoting culture and preserving the vitality of sleep, and the possibility that anyone can afford the best for healthy sleep.

We all strive to have quality products. Wherever I worked I tried to impose high quality standards with continuous innovation. As for the domestic market in the past there was a pronounced tendency of consumer education, the modern consumer now knows what it wants when it comes to product quality. Bearing in mind that one-third spends his life sleeping, it became clear to us it makes a welcome sleep. And here is our chance. Offer low-cost products at any price, usually means that the buyer may pay less, but it certainly gets even less. The English have long recognized the maneuver and manufacturers and retailers and make it into a quip: I am not rich enough to buy a bargain! There was a shift of consciousness of consumers. Consumers are becoming more familiar with the necessity of a sound sleep in order to preserve the vitality of the organism. Only healthy sleep can help us to be relaxed and stay healthy. In this sense, our products are made according to the latest international findings on the impact of healthy sleep and rest on the man. This "knowledge of sleep" is certainly the best that anyone can afford for themselves and their family's health. Prevention is something on which we insist. Prevention is the magic word, we have a tradition that was transformed into "KNOWLEDGE TO SLEEP."
Dusan Jovanovic, B. Sc. mech. Eng., founder and general manager GOLEGO Ltd.

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