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GOLEGO is prepaired for Fanky business: building an innovative team of innovative business. Dynamic, unpredictable, full of twists ... On the road to business excellence (BE) Funky factor for success are the people, people different from others. Above-average, curious, willing to learn and never surrender. 

LOYALTY and Corporate Responsibility Our job we love and work with pleasure. Building a socially responsible company that is willing to help others. Help others help others + + = help others help themselves because in life you just what you gave.

LIDERSHIP We work with the best, work for the best and will reach the best. We work so that others want to follow us.

EFFECTIVNESS AND EFFICIENCY we produce and represent the best programs for sleeping on customer satisfaction.

GUARANTEE, quality and ecology on JOGI has slept over 100 million satisfied customers, which is a guarantee of quality. Customers back to us, not commodities. The ecology of care since the phases of the product, and through the development and use, to the withdrawal from service.

OPTIMISM and enthusiasm. Customers recognize and feel if you have a glow in the eyes, and the timeliness, freshness and color space to vote if they are happy, if we had to fine-arranged and relaxation corner allowed to experience the story and try our products. Do you attract rays and, if we had charmed all the senses. The future is in the hands of employees, because their reward have customers, not the director.

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