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P.1. Do you have a double mattress with different half?
O.1. Yes, we just developed it due to consumer issues. This mattress is the salvation of many spouses who have different needs, and many partners who are sleeping in different beds, become closer again.

P.2. How to resolve the transition to the marital bed in which were placed two same / different mattress?
O.2. If you are not satisfied with our unique offering with two mattresses in one (harder and softer side), GOLEGO studio can offer two solutions:
a) to put over the mattress litter
b) to a "special blend" of two separate mattresses.

P.3. What is the warranty on the mattress?
O.3. We would like to satisfy interest of the customers in the answer - lifetime. But it must be said that various studies, surveys and monitoring showed that the optimal life for mattresses is 5-7 years and for pillows 1 year.
Polyurethanes and spring materials have their own life. It is also not insignificant who are the customers and what are their habits, if they don't use mattress just for sleep, but also during the day are used for sitting, children playing and so on. How and whether the mattress is properly maintained, are they rolling over the winter and summer side and so on.
Finally, here's another item that goes in favor to our claim: after use of 5 years, some were given mattresses on the crowd even 5 kg (mites, dust,  sweat...).

P.4. What mattresses are better - with wire or just the sponge?
O.4. It's an individual thing and a matter of personal affinity and repulsion. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

P.5. Long lying in the sick and elderly people causes the "open" wounds, so pressure sores. Do you have and what you recommend in these cases?
O.5. For these cases we recommend our mattresses made of pure latex or from excess-elastic foam.

P.6. I have a problem with the spine, what do you recommend?
O.6. Depending on the type of problems, mostly for younger people we recommend our mattress JANTAR, which is multi-layered combination of latex and coconut. If the problem is that when getting up feeling pain in back and neck, it can be a problem of inadequate to soft mattress and pillow!

P.7. How much does a standard mattress cost?
O.7. We have dozens of types of mattresses. If we add the dimensional matrix, then we get to very high numbers of different combinations of mattress and mattress price.

P. 8. How much is the cheapest, and how the most expensive mattress?
O.8. Price range is very large because of the different materials used, the technological level and many other factors. However, the range is from 100 euros from 5,000 euros.

P.9. Do you have a mattress ala Dormeo?
O.9. We would like to thank the company Dormeo for marketing they have done. Themeof sleeping is widely discussed. People have realized the importance of healthy sleep.

P.10. How can we know that this is the original JOGI next to so many copies?
a) Call the company MEBLO-JOGI.
b) If you want to get what you pay, the GOLEGO STUDIO stop.

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