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Firstly you need to answer what the mattress is used for? And then consider all the elements essential to select the best price / quality, elimination of health problems, frequency of use...

When choosing the size of mattresses we suggest that, if you are able to follow the advice, to look the following sketch, whether it is a single or double mattress.



We are at a great crossroads of the twentieth and twenty-first century with the enormous progress in the sphere of science, computing, communications, cosmic research, are on the horizon and interplanetary travel. In this network chaos, where everything is intertwined, and where reflective radii reach far, we see the world in which everything speeds up, where the body suffers a lot more physical, mental and spiritual efforts. So in this "new age" we speak of "a dream of a new era." Unfortunately, the often limited time and opportunities, we are not able to gather enough information about the "dream of a new era." Here and there, out, outside scientific circles, the latest research, information, and advice that tickle us to think. Often do not attach importance to such newspaper, deeming it a privilege to a certain circle of people. Only when you feel on your skin a problem of the "new age", you begin to seriously collect information.

So who are the most common problems of "the dream of a new era": a faster life, stress, sleep disorders (insomnia), back pain, headaches, chronic fatigue, improper posture, bending of the spine, allergies, impotence ... All these problems and disorders can be caused by inadequate systems for bed (mattress, pillow, el. substrates and bed). The bedroom is intimate corner where we do not let anyone. But when it is closed to the public, often comes last in line for equip. We insist here on prevention, because it is a healing word. Do not let you, especially your children get to the problems so that you need to remove the consequences. Look and plan to remove the causes.


With brief training, and an interview with professional consultants, credible "system sleep" will recommend 2-3 mattress. And which is the right, usually recognize at the first rehearsal in 90% of cases. Location, position, size of bedroom is the primary condition for good sleep. The latest research and findings of the rooms should be ventilated and to meet the 3 basic conditions: silence, darkness, temperature. In addition to basic conditions, there are a number of recommendations: do not eat 2-3h before bedtime, go to a similar time to sleep, do not drink alcohol, coffee ... engage in peaceful thoughts, bedroom free of TV, computers and other working materials.

Should satisfied several individual key factors so that the morning is wiser than the evening:

- good support i.e. anatomical support for the spine,

- superficial sense of comfort,

- good ventilation of mattress that provides good "breathing bodies, "

- the appropriate hardness of the mattress,

- size of the mattress

A large group of mattresses satisfied these requirements, either with springs, foam or latex, air or water and some others. So, no matter what mattress you choose is always evaluate and please evaluate whether they satisfy your personal needs for comfort, support and anatomical shape, translucence, strength, size mattress and so on. Comfort and hardness are the individual feelings! You satisfy most needs, if you wake up just when you should! Rested and relaxed! If you get up ready to embrace a new day and give your best!


On the market there is very large selection of mattresses. How in such a wide range to choose the right? Do not believe in "bombastic" expressions (revolutionary, hospital, top, ergonomic, anti, anti ...) but check the quality of materials and certificates of the same. Then evaluate the level and complexity of processing of materials. Important, if not the most important role of the mattress is to provide good support, i.e. to follow the anatomy of the spine. The best anatomy is provided by different zones of core mattress hardness. Another important condition to be met by a mattress is high transparency, which enables the body to exchange air with the environment. Then, check the quality of the materials used in the surface layer, which creates a sense of comfort. Finally, the final protection and what leaves the impression are materials used for cover. Covers in it have different additives (ions of silver, kapok, Lyocell, aloe vera, bamboo, etc...), which serve as antibacterial and anti-allergic protection. What is the mattress trifle higher, it is more comfortable. The latest trend in making mattresses in America is just a mattress with a multi-stage core. And here is applicable English proverb - I am not that rich to buy cheap stuff!

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