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Good support or endorsement for anatomy of the spine when lying is a basic requirement that a mattress should meet, with good comfort and breathability. Mattresses that are considered as the biggest discovery so far are mattresses that allow spot adjustment of the body, i.e. spine. Mattresses with different zones of hardness (5 or 7) are made on the model of the shape of the human body. So they are arranged in the way to have the most softness where we are the hardest and toughest where we are easier or we need stronger support.

The segments are further processed so that the SOFT elements made the deepest channel, and the HARD elements are made shallowest channels. In NORMAL version is in between. Cubes are arranged checkmate, which provides excellent anatomical support and very well breathing mattresses, including breathing the HR foam which has open cells. Surface comfort is further ensured by adding on both sides 4 cm layer of memory foam, latex or super soft foam.

Schedule and hardness of the segments are selected based on height, weight and of course requirements and preferences. If two users have the same height and a different weight, then the distribution of surface pressure on the mattress is different, so take this into account when configuring (selected elements) for the mattress. What is important here to emphasize is that the biggest benefit of the zones mattress is to gets our lap in the middle of the mattress in length. The mattress formed in this way and body position on it like described, provides the most optimal support of the spine-reliance.

Special, for this purpose being constructed devices, with height and weight also is taken "footprint" of the spine i.e. dorsal part of the body. Conduct the interview with the user and try to the recommended option, stacking different modules, or schedule a test. Of course, taking into account the user's desire for superficial comfort, warmth and strength, both sides are set at 4 cm memory foam, latex or super soft foam. One can also choose to cover the mattress, which gives a sense of touch, provides antibacterial and anti-allergy protection.

The mattress is composed on 7-zone modules, specifically performed on a CNC machine or cast in molds; the modules are adapted to the anatomy of the body-the spine. On both sides 4 cm top quality memory foam or latex, or super soft foam. And the core is covered with high quality materials with high degree of protection against allergies, dust mites and bacteria. Such a mattress formed from premium materials, processed on a CNC machine or cast in molds, custom anatomy of your body, guaranteed contributes to a pleasant dream, it requires less turn, allows muscles to relax as the backbone of relieved, and the muscles and entire body to rest and updated. Only when you are relaxed and the immune system is stronger.


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