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Good sleep is just as adequate nutrition and physical activity, essential to your mental, emotional and physical health. Experts recommend eight hours of sleep a day. Lack of sleep causes irritability, weakening of the immune system and increases stress. Bearing in mind that one third of our lives spent sleeping, no matter where we sleep on, especially when we know that the quality of sleep depends on our vitality and readiness of each new day.

Today it is increasingly present phenomenon Insomnia, sleep disorder. The latest research of the National Organization for sleep (NSF) show that as many as 50% of world population living in a sleep disorder that occurs almost daily, of which as many as 67% women. In recent years, the biggest impact on sleep quality has a way of life. Accelerated life time, an unhealthy diet, emotional tension, all these causes of disturbance in sleeping patterns and, consequently, the first cause of damage to our health.

High quality and long enough sleep is necessary in order to withstand all the activities from day to day and easily perform all its obligations. Our bodies, our muscles and our organism need physical and psychological relaxation.

And when we asked ourselves what we sleep on?
WE HAVE KNOWLEDGE FOR SLEEPING. Prevention is the magic word. We insist on its implementation of the conception. This investment is for a better future for healthy offspring. Invest today. Renew yourself every night completely.

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